Late one night, only a few weeks after we had gotten the IP back from MSFT... I stumbled across the Ascender Discord. To my surprise, here was a nearly functional version of Ascend 8 years after Xbox and 5 years after Steam. Rather than ask DefacedSec to take it down, we had a few discussions and decided to become partners. Now, along with a few added members of the original Ascend team, we've decided to give it a go independently. The first step to remove big tech and platform dependencies while standing up our own independent services is well underway.

The plan is to openly develop the game alongside the community while maintaining a free working build throughout. We’ll be expanding the functionality of this site to include the Ascend game meta data and more robust community features. all seamlessly integrated with game.

We’d like to explore economies and ownership. Persistence. Expanding humans and villages. Player Lairs. More Crusade. Badlands. More stuff. More Dungeons. Alchemy. CoOp. PVP. Graphical improvements. Just sort of improve all things. More things. Things you suggest. Feedback.

If you’d like to join us and be a part of relaunching Ascend, please sign up for the forums, download and play the game. Its free! .We also graciously accept your donations or head over to the store and buy an Ascend thing!

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