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    Whenst can we expect a rollout into alpha?

    Just a little title question, but it would be rather nice to know when and if we're going to chug onto the alpha-stage of the game. <3
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    Best God no diff + Ratio

    As to not offend, I'll spit straight facts: Darkness is for Simping; Light exists in the Void. Void or Light are literally the only 2 allowed choices, once again, ain't an opinion, but a fact.
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    Do memes count as tricks?

    As the title says: I am wondering whether diety of tricks and even more tricks (Hallowed be his name) would count memes as a tribute in his name. These are the important things followers of Blue-Horn-man (Hallowed be his name) must know!
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    Where can i download?

    Oh no! I hath found this early!